Social Recruiting

With over 2 billion people on social media employers have new opportunities when attracting and recruiting new employees. By using the vast amount of data collected about each individual user we can specifically target the people who fit your open positions. By engaging them with relevant messages in their news feeds we can engage them in taking action and drive highly relevant visibility, traffic and candidates to your organization.

By using our mobile-friendly conversion process we can ensure that you are communicating with the right candidates and enabling them a modern, simple and efficient application process. 

By using social recruiting we can ensure an innovative way of reaching passive and active candidates that is: 

  • Mobile first (including the application process)
  • Visible in the right channels (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn)
  • Visible only to the candidates that fit
  • One click application process
  • Real time feedback and campaign adjustments
  • Extensive reporting including gender, age, engagement, message testing etc.

Education & Workshop

The world is getting more social. With our educations and workshops we will help you and your company become social media superstars. This way you can utilize the full potential of social media - by yourself. No previous skills or tools are required.

We have multiple educations and workshops for both recruitment, marketing and communications. Schedule a call and we will tell you more!

Employer Branding

We believe in communicating and engaging people where they prefer to be which is why we not only use LinkedIn but also Facebook and Instagram to a great extent to reach candidates where they spend most of their time. Facebook alone today have 2,02 billion users of which 1,37 billion use it every day.

By using the extensive user data Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn we can find, engage and convert and communicate in a relevant way with potential employees. We can assist you in building your new EVP, set a working communications strategy for employer branding or just help you build your candidate pipeline with thousands of candidates. Schedule a demo and we will tell you more! 

We'll help you find anyone anywhere in the world

We'll make sure you reach the right person at the right time at the right place

Just tell us who you are searching for and we'll take it from there

We'll always present a full and transparent report of your results